How to create a mountain retreat at home

July 15, 2016
How to create a mountain retreat at home

Capture that apres ski feeling at home

Winter is well and truly here, and all I want to do is bunker down and nest at home. Leaving the house and going outdoors is much harder with these cold winds and constant rain. With snow falling in the Otways and some parts of Melbourne, I’m suddenly day dreaming of a staying in a mountain retreat and immersing myself in a winter cocoon. ¬†Read on to learn more about Aerin Lauder’s Aspen ski chalet and how you can create a touch of ‘apres ski’ at home.

Aerin wanted to create a simple yet luxurious home which complimented the natural landscape and sweeping views surrounding it.

Unlike some other cluttered mountain retreats you see, this one is unfussy and sleek, but also so cosy and warm.

With a classic simplicity and neutral tones, create your own mountain retreat at home with a few simple tricks:

  1. Go for a neutral palette, in beige and white and brown
  2. Choose different organic and natural textures to add interest like wood, fur or leather.
  3. De-clutter the space and keep it calm and inviting.
  4. Light lamps and candles and leave overhead lights off
  5. Turn off the TV and get out the board games!
  6. Light the fire or crank up the heater

Create a mountain retreat at home

1.Reindeer hide РHides of Excellence 2. Sofa РSchots Home Emporium 3. Himalyan Goatskin cushion РHides of Excellence 4. Hemp wood sack РHard to Find 5. Painted wood stool РMark Tuckey 6.Leather backgammon set РPuzzles & Games Geelong 7. Maison Blanche candle РFrankie Say Relax, Geelong 8. 1950s cane chairs РAngelucci Melbourne. 9. Baileys Irish Cream РBarwon Heads Wine Store. 

Do you change your home styling at home during the cooler months? Please do share your tips and ideas below with us.



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