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Coast & Country is a parenting blog designed to inspire you to enjoy some time out of the City, either permanently or for short time. It’s about making time for yourself, and giving your family the best and most joyful life possible.

It aims to inspire parents to pursue a life that makes them happy not just ‘successful’.

So if you are a parent, and into healthy living, living simply, and going about things in a less frantic way this blog is for you. If you love being at home, cooking, entertaining, decorating. This blog is definitely for you. If you love to explore the countryside, travel and go on trips, keep reading!

I don’t claim to be a parenting expert or some kind of major influencer, but I am passionate about joyful living and I dearly want to share that with you.

My story

About Coast & Country

Living out of the City was something that I have always wanted to do. I had spent the last 20 odd years working in marketing in Melbourne, where I was born and educated. I was working in high-stress environments, hustling to make the big bucks, thinking that that would make me happy or successful or both. But it wasn’t. I was stressed, anxious, sick all the time, and broke. Then, I met my husband, and we both agreed we wanted the same thing. To live on the coast out of the city – permanently.

I’d had enough and was ready for a big change. After some planning, (break lease, quit jobs, look for new home). We moved to a town in Victoria called Barwon Heads,  launched the brand, opened a little shop and slowly got to know our local community.

The swimwear brand didn’t survive, but we are still here, now parents to two little girls and deeply embedded in this sweet coastal town. We just fell in love with the way of life here, the people, and the adventures to be had, and made it work.

Joyful living for me is having a loving family, good friends and close community, plus good food and wine, health and wellbeing, travel and creating a beautiful home. This is what I will share with you. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for stopping by.




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