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Get your place party ready – Barbeque bliss

October 12, 2016

It’s time to dust off the barbeque and get the alfresco dining festivities happening once again. Whether it’s last minute dinner after the kid’s cricket match, a barbeque on a Saturday afternoon with the neighbours, or a Cup Day soiree, you want your barbeque game to be boast-worthy. Become the grilling champ with this simple bbq action plan.

Barbeque bliss

Ok so it’s not on the top everyone’s list, but cleaning the barbie is something that just has to be done.  ALERT: Practical, cleaning hacks to follow. With shopping inspiration at the end for a reward! (Trust me this will be worth it.)

Action Plan:

  1. Deep Clean the barbeque
  2. Maintain your barbeque
  3. Update your barbeque arsenal

1. Deep clean the barbeque

Cleaning the barbeque can be hard work but the best way to avoid making it harder is to do it regularly. Deep clean once a year and always clean the grill after you use it.

The Green Deep clean:

 I’m a huge fan of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning at home. It’s acidic so it removes grime, and it’s antibacterial and non-toxic. This is kinda key when you are cleaning a barbeque, as it’s a surface that you put food directly onto to cook.

To get your barbeque spotless, try this process:

1/Remove and place bbq grates into a large plastic bag, such as a garbage bag.

2/In a bowl, mix together one cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda.

3/Pour this solution on the racks.

4/Close the bag and leave it overnight.

5/Rinse the gunk, which should now be loosened, off in the kitchen sink or with the garden hose.

6/Remove fat dripping tray, and pour the same solution into it and leave over night, then rinse with hot water the next day.

7/To clean the inside of the bbq hood, spray straight vinegar onto the residue and leave for 10 minutes. Scrub with a vinyl bristle brush sprinkled with baking soda.

2. Maintain your barbeque

Check for gas leaks.

On a monthly basis, run some soapy water along the gas line and connections (with the propane turned on). If you see bubbles form, you know there’s a leak, and you either need to tighten the connection or replace the line.

Check for critters.

In the winter months snails, spiders and other creepy crawlers may start squatting in your barbeque. Keep your grill covered when not in use and also regularly remove grill and clean up around the gas burners and or coal.

Clean it every time.

First rule of the having a barbeque is to clean after every use. This will save you loads of time when it comes to the annual deep clean.

After cooking, remove food, brush the grates, turn up the heat to really hot and rub the grate with half an onion. The acid from the onion will remove all the excess dirt and charcoal, without the need for harsh chemicals. Then fill an aluminium tray with water, and turn all burners off but one, on low heat , Shut the lid for 15 minutes and the water will steam off the crusties.

3. Update your barbeque arsenal

If you are looking to update your barbeque gear, invest as much as you are able to afford and treat your barbeque like you would any other appliance in your home – with care and as an investment.

Barbeque bliss

  1. Weber Performer Premium  2. Golden Monkey denim apron 3. Davis & Waddell Acacia Wooden BBQ Caddy 4. Grill Daddy steam clean barbeque cleaner 5. La Guiole gourmet bbq set.

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