The perfect summer picnic kit

January 25, 2017

Make some memories and go for a picnic.

My love of picnics really began when I was a little girl, when visiting my Gran and Pa, who lived in Mildura. Picnics were a bit of a family tradition. We would often head to the Murray River banks and go yabby fishing, or Apex Park to bird watch and swim. The food, the paraphernalia, the family time, and of course – finding the actual picnic spot was all part of the excitement.

Picnics with my Gran were always special. She would meet her lady gang down at Apex Park every week to bird watch and have a picnic lunch. It was a river beach so we would wear our swimsuits, splash about, play board-games, and sit on the camping chairs and read books. We would listen to Gran chatter away with her friends and knit. Those afternoons were priceless.

It’s funny how as a child you remember those tiny little details. I remember how the camping seats felt as they neatly folded out under my bum, and how the icy, cold, lemony cordial tasted so refreshing.  I remember the tin with the cake that gran always baked from scratch and, feeling utterly content.

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. See below for some picnic inspiration and look out for my next blog with some perfect picnic food ideas.


1. Deluxe Hamper for four    2. Vintage camping seats  3. Luxury pure wool rug 4. Wooden travel games set 5. Stanley Hot and Cold Thermos





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