How to rent a beach house

August 1, 2016
How to rent a beach house

The do’s and don’ts for a short-term rental

Renting a beach house over summer is one of life’s luxuries. It’s grown up, super organised and terrific fun. You may ask, why am I talking about summer during winter? Because it’s likely that you are dreaming of summer right now. Maybe you are thinking about what you are going to do over the summer holidays? Well, there’s only one month until Spring and I’m here to help you out of your winter rut.

Unlike a motel or a caravan park, to rent your own beach house allows you to create your own little summer retreat. Enjoy your own space, privacy and pace of life. Indulge in long days on the beach, stroll home, rinse off the sand and make yourself a cocktail. That’s what I’m talking about! Read on to learn my top tips for renting a beach house this summer.

My family would rent a beach house somewhere coastal most summers when I was growing up. Whether it be Mt. Martha, Balnarring, Mallacoota or Bermagui. Like many Australians, we would go coastal as soon as Christmas was over.

Renting a beach house might be a bit more expensive, but it is an investment.  I call it this rather than a cost because you are going to get a good return on the ‘joy factor’. Happiness, family time, and your health. But, as George Michael says, ‘If you’re going to do it, do it right’ as there are some pitfalls.

Read on to find my ultimate guide to finding the perfect beach house for your next summer holiday.

The below tips will help to ensure that your dream summer holiday doesn’t turn into a nightmare:

House research tips

1. Choose a reputable holiday house rental agency

Booking a house direct via a website you found on Google is never a good idea. It might save you a few bucks in the short term, but it can often put you in hot water. There was this one time my parents rented a place in Bermagui and they found a live carpet snake on a top bunk. True story! From that day on they were a little more discerning with their rental agencies.

Air BnB or Stayz are credible agencies, who are well established and reliable.

2. Start early

You should book a beach house rental at least 6 months in advance. No use leaving it until the last minute, as all the good places will be gone.  Smart, organised, holiday makers seek and book at least 6-12 months before and repeat book immediately after their stay if they want the same place.

3. Check the terms and conditions

Read over your terms and conditions, and always get a written receipt for the bond. Short term rental bonds are not held in an independent fund. Be careful that you understand when the bond will be withheld. Some owners are easy going and others aren’t.

4. Ask lots of questions

Don’t assume everything will be there for you and set up like home. Ask questions. Is there a real cot or a port-a-cot? Is there a stocked pantry? Can you bring pets? Etc. Then there won’t be any nasty surprises when you arrive.

The Beach House series

With Air BnB, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect house to live in by the sea. Many locals rent their homes out over summer, and the choice is abundant. The rating system also adds an element of transparency to the transaction.  But with so many listings, comes a certain choice paralysis. It is still quite hard to know what you are getting.

Enter the Beach House series. A guide to beach house rentals across Australia. Based on reviews from friends or my personal experience, these reviews are real. I am on a mission to give you the best beach-side getaway possible.  So kick back, and let me do the research for you so you can just book it in!

I have chosen only to review houses on Air BnB because I am huge fan of this brand and the whole experience. I am also able to offer you a $40 credit off your first booking with Air BnB. This is a genuine offer and so are my recommendations. (This is not a sponsored post.)

When I search out a beach house, I look for the following features: –

  • A consistent design aesthetic – that is inspiring, yet comfortable.
  • The number of beds and bedrooms – because often more than one family might share a house.
  • A view or a walk or bike ride, to the beach, town or both.
  • A garden, a pool or a patio/deck.
  • Extra touches from your host that make your stay delightful.

I’ll try to offer a range of budget options but none below $245 per night. They might not be the biggest or best houses in town. But they will be the houses that have soul and a vibe which encourages guests to unwind.

Read here for my pick for Barwon Heads.

Do you have a perfect beach house rental? Please do share! I promise not to tell anyone…oh wait.

Happy hunting…x

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